I loved all things Batman when I was a kid so I was looking forward to this model! This is a simple and fun build not requiring much skill so it’s great for beginners. Scroll down for Pics.

I speant a lot of time finding the PERFECT shade of blue and after primer and taping and paint I held it up next to the unpainted stand that came with the kit and it was the exact same color. This model could be done without paint making it even easier.

The only thing needed is to give it a metal flake. I used Tamiya TS-65 Pearl Clear. It’s not really a pearl sheen at all, just a very fine glitter inside clear coat which gives anything a nice metalic finish.

I did have some trouble with the tape lifting the acrylic paint off and having to repair parts of the paint job…not easy to do and keep it smooth and even but otherwise just a fun, simple build.


One Response to “BatBoat”

  1. Forrest Scott Wood Says:

    Hey, looks good.
    Oh yes, “Bam!”, “Zap!”, “Pow!” Could we apply an old quote, yeah, those were the days šŸ˜‰

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