BatMobile 1/32 scale

1/32 is just too small. It’s detailed nicely, and easy to put together, but for my bad eyes and shaky hand 1/32 is just too tiny. I’m looking forward to the 1/25 scale, a much more manageble size. 

Overall, I think it’s a good kit.

 2 things, 1; the front end. I had to putty it to make the pieces fit will. MAJOR gap in the molding. I usually expect better quality from Polar Lights.   1; Cockpit detailing is pretty simplistic. They could have done more. Not even a BatPhone!!!!!! But overall, it’s a decent model for the price.

Here’s the putty work I mentioned

Here’s trying to get a perfect glossy finish!!!! what a pain! NOTE: Do not use the oven as a drying place. I will keep the model protected from Dust while drying, but someone is just bound to Pre-Heat the oven and then you get yelled at when they ruin your model! No justice in the world!

And here’s the finished car from a few angles.

I consider this a good trial run for the 1/25 BatMobile.



One Response to “BatMobile 1/32 scale”

  1. Duffy Says:

    The Futura was the coolest of all the different Batmobiles.

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