Cylon Raider – old school

Original Series Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider!  Loved the show when it was new…still do. The ship designs were great.

This is one of the easiest models to build. But there is a surprising amount of detail to it. Rather than light it I opted for more detail. I started with pre-shading to give the look that there are many individual panels and I went with an aircraft aluminum body type finish.

After applying the metal finish it turned out exactly as I planned with each area shaded. Unfortunately, the aluminum paint was WAY too light and it looked damn near chrome. So I had to paint all over again with a darker aluminum shade by Model Masters. I spraid right out of the can. Lost the pre-shaded look but what the hell, live and learn.

Having lost my desired effect I opted just to give it more color. Not just the plain grey you see in the tv show. Also plenty of shading and weathering with chalks and washes. Yes, I took some liberty with the colors and it’s not Canon, but I like the effect. I used Burnt Metal on the tail pipes and Aluminum on the body with Steel and dark grey accents.

And at last I’ve finished. The decals didn’t want to stick, but fortunately it’s just black stripes so I painted them. Weathered the whole thing. A bit dirty underneith but cleaner on top…like a car 🙂 Also brushed in panel lines on the top. Hope you like it.

front and back. One day I’d like to get some green screen and take better pics.

And here’s some more from other angles.




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