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Young at Heart. Other parts slightly older.

April 28, 2012

Updated 7/30/2016

My last update. As much as I love model building – and modifying – my health will not let me continue. Can’t do much without your hands, can you. So I hope you like the work I have done and I’ll be looking at yours when you post it.

Thanks for the support and for the critiques – they made me do better work.

2014 – FINISHED my flying sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Actually,  I finished it last June but never got around to updating this page. The model is beautiful with the full interior lit. Light kit from VooDooFX. Soldering required and it all just barely fits under the floor, but well worth the price for the terrific effect you get.  The nuclear engine has the changing colors of the  show, the cockpit controls light up, engines, hall light and every computer bank lights up, each dial! Well for the money for this kit!!!

Video of finished model

Go to the FLYING SUB page on the right to see photos.

Before that my pride and joy is  The Enterprise! Click on 350 TOS ENTEPRISE page for more pics or click on this.

Also finished my Martian War Machine from WAR OF THE WORLDS.  Click page at bottom right.

Here’s the video, yes yes yes, I know the wrinkled black sheet is tacky but it’s all I had to work with.

This is the bridge lit up


WORK WORK WORK other stuff I’ve done

Here are some recent project vids &pics

Recent finished tasks are the ISS Constellaton

I also finished Grandpa’s DRAG-ULA car from The Munsters. Check out the page=====>

Here’s a video of my completed cars {I forgot to put Scooby Doo van in there}.

Also recently completed the ISS Constellation.

TOS uss constellation

DRAG-ULA from the Munsters tv show

backing 01

MUNSTER KOACH I’m very happy with the completed car.

Front driver side

Cylon Raider from the original Battlestar Galactica


Luke Skywalkers LAND SPEEDER


the Delorean from Back To The Future


and Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

Mystery Machine front qtr

Check out the pages ========>.

CURRENT PROJECT -The Flying Sub from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea…with lights