A paint booth is a m ust to help control the fumes & airborne paint when you’re airbrushing, but not everyone can afford them. Online I’ve seen them priced from $150 – $300. So using very little cash and a little imagination, here is my paint booth. I built one a year ago and I just redid it ’cause I had it just covered in paint! I tend to paint the sides to test my airbrush flow.

Pricing is below. I used a cardboard box. A cheep bathroom exhaust fan from Home Depot, a very inexpensive florescent light and dryer duct to go from the back of the fan out the window. The hooks on the side are just a coat hanger, it’s a holder for my airbrush. It all works very, VERY well. Click to enlarge photos.

The hooks hold my airbrush.



This shows the duct taking the fumes out the window right to a neighbor I dislike.

Win Win IMG_0302

$13.97 – bathroom exhaust fan

$9.98 – 3″ x 8′ duct

$12.97 – 18″ florescent light

$ 1.97 – cardboard box

$38.89 TOTAL

Okay, a bit of tape I had laying around and add whatever local taxes you have.


One Response to “CHEAPO PAINT BOOTH”

  1. David Says:

    That it works…priceless.

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