Iron Man

I hate Iron Man.

A simple model to build and yet I messed up and had numerous disasters.

First I attached the feet to the wrong legs. He won’t stand on the base if you do that. Had to buy a new one to get new feet…40 bucks wasted!

Sub assembly was okay but after painting gold and sealing, I taped off to do the red and the tape lifted the gold paint off the protected areas!

Touched that up and put a wet look gloss over the whole thing….which melted the red acrylic paint and it ran down into the gold!

Repainted the entire damn thing using clear red enamel. Applied Testers Wet-Look non-yellowing Lacquor and the red melted into the gold again! though not as bad! Touched up the worst parts by hand and just said “I HATE YOU” and I’m leaving it done, as is.

I do like the base though. Painted steel and brass with black dry-brushing over it.


5 Responses to “Iron Man”

  1. Bob Says:

    That thing is cool as hell mate, youve got some serious skills

  2. Wayne Moises Says:

    He is the son of Dr Howard Stark American engineer inventor innovator and catalyst was Anthony Stark he is a businessman philanthropist inventor innovator and author/adventurer they made a powerful last line of defense and a secret weapon used to fight against the forces of evil save mankind
    protect the innocent and keep the peace .Based from a 1962 graphic novel/comicbook story by Stan Lee creator of Marvel Superheroes the story was originally retitled Tales of Suspense becomes a popular animated series live action films comicbooks novels magazines action figures dolls and media.Coming in 2015 Iron Man 4 .Thanks for the information. From:Wayne.

  3. Wayne Moises Says:

    Anthony Stark he is a businessman and philanthropist son of Dr Howard Stark the inventor scientist and catalyst becomes the armored avenger vigilante and superhero also known as Iron Man. Thanks: from:Wayne.

  4. Wayne Moises Says:

    Stark Enterprises the main headquarters of Anthony Stark the business company and a private/commercial firm of Iron Man. Thanks! From:Wayne

  5. Wayne Moises Says:

    I am the big fan of comics and cartoons as the collectors item for a long time. Thanks! From:Wayne

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