Flying Sub




As a 10 year old this looked like REAL science! It looked like it really could fly and submerge under water! And being brightly colored made it unique as well.

1/32 scale FLYING SUB from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Here’s a pic  of the studio model.

studio model 01

Scroll down for build photos and the finished ship.

I bought the aftermarket photoetch set from ParaGrafix and lights from VooDooFX and extra decals from TSDS. So far I’ve added the photoetch and decals.

panel 01panel 02panel 03There they are finished & ready to assemble

I decided to paint the clear base from the inside but leave the neck clear from the base to the ship.base

VooDooFX wiring kit. Quite a bit more difficult than the Martial War Marchine. Many more lights to solder. Also you have to choose Dim or Bright. It’s a personal preference and no guide. I tried to add strip led’s but they drained the battery too fast. Had to remove them.

wiring completeI’ve glued the seats in, the hallway, and glued the upper hull in place. Then one of the seats fell out, it’s “stem” broken. How I’ll fix this I don’t know! I’ll set that aside and think about it. Until then the next thing to do is paint it. As you see from the original show model, there are two shades of yellow and blue trim.

studio model 01

Finished model has a subtle 2 shade paint job. Very nice in person but didn’t photograph very obviously. The lights are brilliant. Hall lights, every computer bank lights, the cockpit controls light and the nuclear engine has color changing lights that are spectacular. VooDooFX outdid themselves on this kit. Worth every penny.




Color changing back wall

Color changing back wall

Color changing back wall

Color changing back wall

IMG_0644 IMG_0641






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