1964 Chevy Impala

So I wanted to do a really realistic car. I thought this ’64 Impala was nice with the Grim Reaper motife and decals.

Box Top

What it's supposed to look like

But then I noticed I never see anything like the box cover driving around. Below is my modest attempt to recreate in scale what I DO driving see around San Diego.

First, some of the chrome should be missing. also mismatched tires, primer and body cancer were “in-the-style”. Also dirtied the windscreen with wiper marks and painted the blue tint there.

A tail light missing and film over it, baja California plates and a SHIT HAPPENS bumper sticker. Also I drilled out the trunk lock and it’s now wired shut with a miniature coat hanger. 🙂

Cut out chrome and add drill holes where it should be. Quarter panel replaced off a “differant” vehicle from a wreck.

More primer and mising chrome up front.  Undercarriage is equally dirty.

So? What do you think?


12 Responses to “1964 Chevy Impala”

  1. Nova Hobbies Says:

    This is a spectacular model. Congratulations on the….ahem…. “rebuild!” I swear I saw this very car tooling around North Lauderdale last week.

  2. J Bronson Says:

    I swear I owned this very car (yellow fender and all) in 1982 when I was a sophomore in high school. Pretty cool.

  3. Raiin Says:

    Wow just wow! I saw all your models in the blogs. and just WOW! my mind has been blown. Thank you for documenting these. It just completely amazes me.

  4. DJDoubleB Says:

    This is Awesome Work! Very Impressive Gerry!

  5. Jonathan K. Lee Says:

    Hey Gerry, it’s osirisascend from IAB. This model is AWESOME!!!

  6. Rick Bub Says:

    THIS is fantastic. Very unique!

  7. jim Says:

    Awesome! Love, jtrebowski

  8. Melissa Humbert Says:

    This is really well done. All it needs is a tiny Virgin Mary on the dashboard, and maybe some fuzzy dice.

  9. Super Guero Says:

    Orelay guey!!!

  10. vic123 Says:

    great work, needs a coat hanger radio antenna to be perfect.

  11. Paul Says:

    All its missing is the gob of duck tape holding its remaining mirror in a somewhat viewable angle.

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