Mach V

Speed Racer’s Mach V !

As a kit it was pretty simple, mostly. I added a metal flake so it wasn’t plain white.

It’s nice the kit has the extra’s like the built-in jack, the homing pidgion robot and the forward buzz saw blades, but I will say I was dissapointed in some details. The engine being located in the rear for mostly. Everyone knows Spritle and Chim-Chim hid away in the trunk every episode, so obviously the engine should be located in the front!  😉

Here’s the photots. The first is ‘in-progress’ when I was adding a metal flake to the body. Plain white wasn’t good enough. You can see the flake in photos if you click for larger view.

Cockpit detail

Underwater pariscope up

With engine compartment open. This is the major flaw from the show. Sprittle and ChimChim always hid in the trunk in the rear of the car, so the engine should be up front. But here’s the detail of it.

With saw blades extended {attached}

On the extendable jacks…

More views of this, one of my favorite cars.



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