I.S.S. Reliant

4/27 FINISHED! jump to bottom for final pics or read on for the whole build.

Below is a link to my first VIDEO. If it doesn’t work go to


Started this last year, but set it aside due to personal crisis’. But I pickied it back up and here we go. This is my first Kit Bash Build so wish me luck.

I loved the RELIANT in the movie Wrath Of Khan.  Here’s a photo I found online of the ship. Whoever built it did a great job.

And I love Star Trek The Original Show. So I thought I’d do this ship in the style of TOS.   I’m using an AMT Enterprise TOS model as the starting point.

Saucer Section: Fill in the neck slot at bottom and remove dorsal thingie from top. This will be moved back after I’ve extended and squared off the saucer. And build a new ‘boxie’ back end for it.

Saucer Section and Deflector Pod

Movie had a Photon Pod on top… nope.  In TOS they come from the underside dome so I am putting a Deflector Sensor Array up over the saucer. I reduced the size of the rings and I’m using the back end bottom of the Secondary Hull as the top. Sheet styrene for the bottom, squarish I think just to add some shape contrast. Don’t want everything to be round.

Here’s the new shape above… and below I’ve filled it with expanding foam.

Now with the top on. I also added the warp nacelles. The struts holding those had to be cut off and moved from the southwest position to north. No you can’t just turn it around. The “grid” must face inside and be verticle.

Now put the parts together

Primer white and do some pre-shading and this is what you’re left with.

And here it is with a coat of paint. I got a bit heavy handed with the air brush so my shading is a bit more subtle than I was going for, but it’ll work.

And here’s my custom TOS Mirror Universe Imperial Star Ship Reliant {drumroll please}

Finished Product

Fire Phasers!

front view

Side View


Bottom View




After taking all these pics I realized I had forgotten to paint my Impulse Drive…. woops.

I’ll get to that later…. Overall, I’m happy with the {almost} finished product.

Let me know what you think!


8 Responses to “I.S.S. Reliant”

  1. J Bronson Says:

    Looking forward to seeing this one come to life. Oh and all the best to you and your mate as you face the big “C” and all its trials.

    See you on IAB

  2. Duffy Says:

    How about a connie-class Defiant?

    This is my new favorite. It’s like the “Flying Dutchman” of the Star Trek universe.

  3. Gerry1of1 Says:

    Thanks for the links Duffy. Those are my favorite episodes of ENTERPRISE. But the Reliant is a smaller ship and it will require a lot of modification. That’s the appeal of doing it. And I like the original show so I’ll do it in the TOS style. This makes it all my own and as far as I know, not been done before. Of course, there are a lot of modelers out there so I’m sure someone has done this before… but this is mine.

    I will be starting this model tomorrow… Sept 2nd.

  4. Michael Berndt Says:


    That was great. I didn’t think I would like the end result. Doing a TOS version of a TWOK era vessel. I hope you have a chance to Wow at least me again with something new. Keep up the great work.


  5. spockboy Says:

    Hey Gerry.
    I run the “Spockboy’s Art of Star Trek” yahoo group and made a pic for you.
    Check it out. You can access it from the message.


  6. Jeff Shipman Says:

    An Excellent build Gerry!!!! She looks fantastic!!!! The Emperor would be proud!!! 🙂

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