Mr. Spock

The classic AMT Mr. Spock model.

This is my first time doing  a Figure. I watched a few how-to videos online and I think I did a good job on blending flesh tones. Too good. Under the magnifying glass it looks great, but just looking at it it tends to blend together. Next time, more contrast to make it stand out. Overall, I like the way it looks.

I made a couple changes. I got rid of the dumb looking plants that come with the kit and added bushes. Trees actually from a much smaller scale diarama kit I had laying around.

I felt it was illogical for Spock to fire on an indigenous creature. Vulcan phylosophy respects all life. So I gave him a reason to shoot…note the arm laying in the sand. Scratch one RedShirt! The arm comes from a 1/12 figure from a motorcycle kit I had in my spare parts pile.

The sand…looks realistic doesn’t it. Because it is sand. I used watered down Elmer’s Glue, burshed it all over and poured sand over the model. Rock are just ghost grey with brown and tan sprayed on using a splatter nozzle on the airbrish.

Here’s more pics. Hope you like.


5 Responses to “Mr. Spock”

  1. Brianne Elizabeth Lyons Says:

    Very fun figure! Excellent work! I hope you do more figure dioramas!

  2. Gerry1of1 Says:

    Thanks. It was my first figure and I will be doing more. Next figure will be Creature from the Black Lagoon but that’s not until after I finish my romulan ship and a batmobile. Gotta prioritize! 🙂

  3. jake Says:

    Hi there I was wondering if you know what exactly this scene is from in the series, and what episode if possible.
    I have a magnet that has this scene on it and Ijust wanted to know of ot was valuable or not, thanks and goodwork!!

  4. jake Says:

    Interesting, well thank you anyway!

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