NX-01 Enterprise

This is the Scott Bakula Enterprise, before the days of Kirk. Not may favorite ship, but I did like the show.

I’ve used the aftermarket hull aztec and a second decal set with the ISS mirror universe decals.

Here’s the video, below are a few details.

Airbrushed in stainless steele. Clear blue and red on the nacelles. I put a strip of white paper down the nacelle to make the blue stand out a bit and I stuffed the red bussard collectors with cotton to make them brighter. Gave it a better stand to pose it at angles. Overall I like how it turned out.

glamour shotbottom front close rear view side far



3 Responses to “NX-01 Enterprise”

  1. ddoran25 Says:

    Beautiful model! Great job, and I would appreciate any info you could provide regarding what kit, decals, etc you used. Thanks!

  2. ddoran25 Says:

    Great job! I’d appreciate any info re: kit, decals, etc. Thanks!

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