Romulan Scorpion

Star Trek doesn’t have many Fighters so I was happy when I ran acrossed this model.

It comes modeled in black but I want it to have a greenish/black irridescant quality like a cicada {june bug to you yankees} Shinzon’s costume had that same quality and I want this Romulan ship to match.

I’m using Testors PACTRA RC Car Paint Krypton Green/Gold. It’s exactly what I want but it is a bit bright on the green side. Almost metalic lime. I’m testing to see if I can put a layer of Window Tint clear smoke color over it to darken that down a bit. If not I will go with Aluminum covered with Smoke to make a black metal look.

Here’s a photo showing the color shift. I think the green may be too green, too bright. I’m gonna darken it with clear smoke to tone it down. click on pic to enlarge.

I sprayed it down with some clear smoke. Looks great! Until I got completely STUPID and messed it up with some clear lacquer. Of course, lacquor can’t go over acrylic…especially not a heavy coat. So it melted and puddled up.

So back to painting. I decided not to do gunmetal but to repaint with the color-shift. This is an enamel based transparent and the additional layer brithened it up and I think the smoke underneith gave it some depth which I like.

So on to the decals. The only decals needed are for the hull logo and the instrument panel screen graphics….. woops… no decals just stickers…STICKERS! Freakin’ stupid, thick, don’t-stick-to-anything-very-long STICKERS! The instrument stickers didn’t fit the space well and just won’t stick so paint is all I can advise.

The hull graphic however, was horrible! They printed the logo on WHITE sticker stock. See photo below which shows the box art {left} vs what you get {right}

So obvioiusly no hull logos. I suppose I could scan them, and print them on my own clear decal paper. Maybe later I will but right now I want to move on, sick of this model! grrrrrrr

Here is the (un)finished product. Not my best work, but I still like that paint 🙂



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