TOS Enterprise 1/350


FINISHED! June 2013!!!!

This is my first lighting project….. that worked!

Here are some pics and a video of my favorite space ship, the best ship EVER


005 blue red 006 blue red

007 008 bridge 009 front 010 front under 013 rear 3 qtr 016 front top IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0508





Here’s in differant lighting to show a bit of the details like the railings & such


Also working on… Closing up the nacelles and sealing the light leaks. And painting the Saucer Section exterior. After that I’ll ad the lights to the Saucer, glue the pieces together, then seal up the edge light leaks on it….. the drugery I hate! But the final product is worth the effort 🙂 I hope.

Hers’s some new pics with coins to show the scale I’m working with. Check out the people on Shuttle bay floor and also their shadows in the controll booth windows  above.







11 Responses to “TOS Enterprise 1/350”

  1. Listy Says:

    The lights look fantastic, Gerry. What model is next?

  2. Gerry1of1 Says:

    Thanks. I haven’t had much response to this model so I figured most people don’t like it. Glad you do.
    the MARTIAN WAR MACHINE was my next project, I finished and filmed it the same day as ENTERPRISE.

    Currently I am gathering the bit and after-market add-ons for the FLYING SUB from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. LOTS of lights and the full interior to do. Should be fun.

    Thanks again

  3. Lee Says:

    Beautiful. Justv2 criticisms, she had no blue warp engine lights, and the lit warp engines had no spires.

  4. Gerry1of1 Says:

    Lee, You are absolutely correct. There were no blue warp nacelle lights. But let’s face it, they look cool, and if they had the budget back then, they would have done it! 🙂

  5. Sean McGhee Says:

    That model is unreal. If it were for sale, I’d empty my savings for it.

  6. Patrick Farmer Says:

    It is beautiful. Very well done. I am going to build mine soon as it stops looking good under the Christmas tree.

  7. e-crip Says:

    Just happened across this. Very nice interior work. I miss modding and this didn’t help. Loved the War of the Worlds ship.

  8. David Says:

    Its a work of art. How big is it?

  9. David Says:

    Forgot to ask, what brand model is it? Polar lights? Nice work.

    • Gerry1of1 Says:

      It’s the Polar Lights model. Costs about 100. Plus the light kit. There are also conversion kits for things like changing the bridge to match the pilot episode. Lots of tutorial videos on the web for a guide

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