I.S.S. Constellation

The USS Constellation is a ship from the DOOMSDAY episode of Star Trek the original show. Kirk & Crew find the ship torn to hell with only the half-crazy Captain Decker onboard. It’s a great episode! Here’s a pic from the show.

Constellation 01

Took me 3 weeks, but I’m done! I like the result. It is not a “literal copy” of the ship from the show. Just my take on it. I added some damage, didn’t do some that was in the show. But I like the results, hope you do as well.

Here’s the video.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.


front 01

rear 01

See! I even built two deck inside the saucer and walls. Then I painted them apropriate ’60s Star Trek colors. I know, those don’t show after weathering it, but some of it bleeds through and gives it  more dimention, more reality.

closeup saucer 01

I wanted the effect of Hull Plating bent outwards from an explosion. First time trying it but it turned out pretty close to what I was going for.

closeup eng 01

And a couple more pics.


front 03



One Response to “I.S.S. Constellation”

  1. Russell Farrell Says:

    Wow! absolutely beautiful,

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