USS Enterprise E

Of all the Enterprises, this is my least favorite. It’s just too far from the original Enterprise design. No neck, shovel-shaped saucer. It looks more like Voyager than Enterprise. But just so I can have it in my collection of Enterprises, here it is.

I did the whole thing in Testers spray Chrome becuse it’s a shade lighter than aluminum. And after market decals for the aztec pattern. Windows are all hand painted either white or black. all 2000 of them! Damn that’s a lot of windows!

The deflector dish I did using Orange in all the groves on the outside surface, then Yellow clear on the inside survace .

The nacelles I air brushed light black smoke on the inside {used for window tinting usually}, then covered that in clear red, also on the inside. When lit from behind it has a nice look. The blue was just clear blue on the inside.

After aztec decals here’s the final look.





5 Responses to “USS Enterprise E”

  1. Craig (Patchouly on I.A.B.) Says:

    I followed this link from I.A.B. Holy crap, Gerry! Your models are awesome! I love the car (Is it a Dodge?) on the other page.

  2. Craig (Patchouly on I.A.B.) Says:

    I used to build ship and airplane models when I was younger (doing much more painting then the usual kid). I love what you did with the Enterprise models. I’ve been wanting to build a model of the Enterprise, myself. Any advice on what kit to buy (Looking at the TNG Enterprise 1701-D), lighting kits (DIY or premade), things you may have picked up from this project that you could offer advice on etc. etc.? I don’t want to bother you if you haven’t got any spare time, but any advice you could give me, would be great!

  3. Craig (Patchouly on I.A.B.) Says:

    Thanks so much, Gerry! I’ll send my email and check out that forum!

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